Will My Cruise Upgrade Offer be Accepted Soon? 

Did you know that Royal Caribbean offers guests the opportunity to bid on upgrades for their upcoming cruises? This program, known as Royal Up, allows passengers to submit bids to upgrade to a higher category stateroom. The bids are then considered by the cruise line based on availability and other factors.

Royal Up bids are typically accepted closer to the sail date, with some bids even being accepted as late as a few days before departure. This allows Royal Caribbean to assess the availability of staterooms and determine which bids to accept in order to maximize revenue while also providing guests with the opportunity to enjoy a more luxurious onboard experience.

One key factor that determines whether a Royal Up bid will be accepted is the demand for higher category staterooms on a particular sailing. If there are a large number of empty staterooms in the desired category, there is a higher likelihood that bids will be accepted. Conversely, if the sailing is near capacity, the chances of a bid being accepted may be lower.

To increase your chances of having your Royal Up bid accepted, it is recommended to submit a competitive bid that reflects the current market value of the upgraded stateroom. Additionally, being flexible with your travel dates and stateroom preferences can also improve your chances of securing an upgrade.

By understanding the factors that influence the acceptance of Royal Up bids and following these tips, you can increase the likelihood of enjoying a more luxurious cruise experience on Royal Caribbean.

When Are Royal Up Bids Accepted

When it comes to royal up bids, understanding when they are accepted is crucial for travelers hoping to secure upgrades. Royal up bids are offers made by passengers to pay an additional fee in exchange for an upgrade to a higher class of service on a flight. Airlines typically consider these bids based on several factors, such as the number of available seats in the upgraded cabin, the original ticket price, and the passenger’s frequent flyer status. In some cases, royal up bids may be accepted shortly before departure if there are still unsold seats in the upgraded cabin. However, the exact timing of when royal up bids are accepted can vary depending on the airline and specific flight.

Factors Influencing Acceptance of Royal Up Bids

Passengers should be aware of the factors that influence the acceptance of royal up bids in order to maximize their chances of securing an upgrade. Airlines may prioritize bids from passengers with higher fare classes, frequent flyer status, or those who have made higher bid amounts. Additionally, the timing of when the bid is submitted can also impact its acceptance, as airlines may have specific deadlines for bid submissions before departure. By understanding these factors, passengers can strategically submit royal up bids to increase their chances of being accepted.

Strategies for Submitting Successful Royal Up Bids

For passengers looking to submit successful royal up bids, it is essential to carefully consider the timing, amount, and other factors that may influence the acceptance of their bid. One strategy is to submit a bid early, as airlines may give priority to earlier submissions. Passengers should also consider the amount they are willing to bid, taking into account the original ticket price and the value of the upgrade. By strategically planning their royal up bid submission, passengers can increase their chances of securing an upgrade to a higher class of service.

When Are Royal Up Bids Accepted?

Royal Up offers passengers on cruises the opportunity to bid on a stateroom upgrade for a fee. This service allows travelers to potentially secure a better room category at a discounted rate. One of the most common questions that passengers have when participating in this program is when are Royal Up bids accepted? While the exact timing can vary depending on the cruise line and availability, generally, Royal Up bids are accepted closer to the sail date as the cruise line assesses their inventory and availability. This means that you may not receive confirmation on your bid until a few days before your departure.

It’s important to note that just because you submit a bid through the Royal Up program doesn’t guarantee that it will be accepted. The cruise line will consider a variety of factors when reviewing bids, such as how much you bid, the availability of upgraded rooms, and how full the ship is. If your bid is not accepted, you won’t be charged, and you will remain in your originally booked stateroom. Keep in mind that the acceptance of Royal Up bids is not always predictable, so it’s essential to manage your expectations and be prepared to enjoy your cruise regardless of whether your bid is accepted or not.

Factors to Consider When Making a Royal Up Bid

When deciding on the amount to bid through the Royal Up program, there are several factors to take into consideration. The first is the value of the upgrade compared to the cost of your current stateroom. It’s essential to bid an amount that you’re comfortable paying for the upgrade while also taking into account the potential savings compared to booking the higher category room directly.

Another consideration is the likelihood of your bid being accepted based on historical data and the current demand for stateroom upgrades. If the cruise ship is nearly sold out, the chances of your bid being accepted may be lower as there may be limited availability for upgrades. On the other hand, if the ship is not at full capacity, you may have a better chance of securing an upgrade.

Tips for Increasing Your Chances of a Successful Royal Up Bid

  • Submit a competitive bid: While you don’t have to bid the highest amount, it’s essential to submit a competitive bid that reflects the value of the upgrade you’re requesting.
  • Check the ship’s occupancy: If the cruise is not fully booked, you may have a better chance of your bid being accepted as there may be more availability for upgrades.
  • Be flexible: Consider being open to different types of upgrades or stateroom locations to increase your chances of acceptance.
  • Monitor your email: Keep an eye on your inbox as you may receive notifications regarding the status of your bid or any counteroffers from the cruise line.


In conclusion, when it comes to the Royal Up program and the acceptance of bids, timing is key. Bids are typically accepted closer to the sail date as the cruise line evaluates their inventory and availability. Factors such as the value of the bid, the availability of upgrades, and the ship’s occupancy all play a role in whether a bid is accepted. By understanding these factors and following the tips provided, you can increase your chances of a successful bid through the Royal Up program.